Há um novo quiosque no Mercado

mas bons”

We’ve brought together several chefs who work at the Time Out Market into our Studio and cooked up a new campaign that is on the streets of Lisbon. “Many but good” is the campaign’s title, backed up by the phrase: “If you have 14 chefs and 30 restaurants, you have everything.” Obviously, we already knew that these chefs are good — otherwise we wouldn’t have been shouting from the rooftops that we have the best of Lisbon under one roof – but we wanted to put faces to our chefs’ names and show them to our visitors. And here they are.

From left to right (front): Marlene Vieira, Miguel Castro e Silva, José Branco Júnior, Manuela Brandão, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Miguel Laffan, Nuno Bergonse, Daniel Rente, Rui Rodrigues. Back: Alexandre Silva, Ivo Oliveira, Hugo Nascimento, Rodrigo Meneses, Susana Felicidade, Vitor Sobral.